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Silo Description

The PD-TANK ™ is a specially designed portable vertical storage system for bulk powder products.

Some innovative futures include: dual discharge systems (gravity or pneumatic), stable height-to-width ratio, low ground pressure (98 PSI) when fully loaded, oversize discharge piping for high speed unloading, in- tegrated vent pipe to discharge pipe (no need for two hookup hoses), easy cleanout, level indicator option available, one valve operation and more practical than a guppy for long term storage applications.


Silo Specifications


Silo Capacity (c.f.) 2200 C.F. 2800 C.F.
Silo Capacity (Cement) 88 - 94 tons* 125 tons*
Operating Pressure 14.5 psig 13.5 psig
Bottom Aeration HV Flow-Cones (4) HV Flow-Cones (6)
Discharge Pipe 5" Sch. 40 5" Sch. 40
Fill Pipe 5" Sch. 40 5" Sch. 40
Vent Pipe 5" Sch. 40 5" Sch. 40
Gravity Secondary Discharge 10" w/ Butterfly Valve 10" w/ Butterfly Valve
Top Manway 20" Press. Dome Lid 20" Press. Dome Lid
Bottom Manway 20" Press. Dome Lid 20" Press. Dome Lid
High Level Indicator Optional Paddle Style
Low Level Indicator Optional Optional
Standard Operating Pressure 10 - 12 PSI 10 - 12 PSI
Over Pressure Relief Settings 15 PSI 14 PSI
Pressure Gauges (2) 1 - 30 PSI 1 - 30 PSI

*Cement can weigh between 88 – 94 lbs. per cubic foot depending on how aerated it is.

PD-TANK 2200 storage system has “patent applied for” components and proprietary systems. These unique system designs are the property of Diversified Storage Systems.

Patent Pending
Many designs details on this silo are proprietary to DSS.

Download PD-Tank 2200 Specsheet »


Download PD-Tank 2800 Specsheet »

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